Stabilimento produttivo Ecobloks di Finale Emilia


An Italian company
The only company specialising in the production of sustainable pallet blocks. Founded in 2014 in Finale Emilia (Modena), ECOBLOKS® now has a production capacity of 200,000 cubic metres per year.

A state-of-the-art factory
The result of investments in the most advanced technology for production and for the purification of emissions into the environment.

A cog in the circular economy
Each year, ECOBLOKS® recycles approximately 150,000 tonnes of wood deriving from packaging and municipal waste collection.

How Ecobloks
was born

The wood packaging market is a very large market: in fact, packaging is a product that is used for handling all kinds of goods. Italy plays a key role in this market: it is the third largest producer in terms of pallets produced each year.


However, there is a niche to be filled here: in fact, there are no suppliers of pallet blocks in Italy and most of those who produce wooden packaging use blocks made of solid wood.


With this in mind, in 2009 an idea began to take shape: to set up a vertical Italian company specialising in the production of pallet blocks. It was decided that it would be based in Finale Emilia and its name – Ecobloks – stated its mission from the outset: to produce pallet blocks using waste wood, which meant not using virgin wood as a raw material.


A fully sustainable production process in which blocks, already environmentally friendly by nature, are recycled at the end of their life cycle in order to be reused as a raw material, thereby triggering a virtuous circle that is potentially infinite.

Ecobloks has taken a sustainable approach, which has also guided us in choosing the type of energy we need to power our plant: biomass from forestry.


Construction on the plant in Finale Emilia began in 2011, but work on the site came to a halt in 2012 due to an earthquake. In September 2014, Ecobloks officially started production with four extrusion dies for EPAL blocks and three moulding presses for special so-called one way blocks.


In the five years that followed, production efficiency increased significantly through several investments, by using machinery that is unique in Italy and by drawing on the expertise of a young yet highly specialised team; therefore, in 2019, two new moulding presses for one way blocks were introduced.


In 2022, Ecobloks generated a turnover of more than €48 million and is continuing to invest in making its blocks and production process more sustainable.

Our values



We are responsible for the impact our daily choices have on the environment. We believe that a careful and conscious use of resources is the only way forward for new generations to have the raw materials they need to design and build their own future.


That is why we choose not to utilise virgin wood from felled trees but use timber from old furniture, end-of-life pallets and other waste from separated waste collection.



We have created a team capable of
meeting the needs of the wood packaging market with the utmost flexibility.
Indeed, our Production Department has all the technical skills needed to create pallet blocks, without losing sight of sustainability.
The extensive sales network then guarantees the delivery and handling of orders within 24 hours from the request.

Distribution of turnover (%)



We believe that technological innovation plays a key role in the circular economy. To this end, we have designed a unique machine capable of producing the blocks without any cutting.
Our press allows us to create superior quality “one way” pallet blocks by optimising the production process in terms of both time spent and raw materials utilised.
Fuelled by biomass, the thermal grid is set to be upgraded soon to increase capacity and transform surplus into electricity.